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Hey there!

The greatest love stories are the ones filled with the most adventures.

what i'm all about:

My name is Dylan and my goal is to spread the love of Christ through photography and film. I believe that marriage is an adventure worth celebrating and a journey worth capturing. From intimate elopements to the small joys of everyday life, I realize that life is precious and full of special moments often missed if you’re not keeping an eye out for them to document.

I began filming weddings in college, but it wasn't until I married my beautiful wife, Emily, and experienced the joy of marriage for myself that I truly realized how much I wanted to tell the love stories of others as well. I'm a big believer that marriage is truly doing life alongside the best adventure buddy, and is an experience like no other on this earth.

When I'm not behind the camera you can find me:

Hiking a mountain

Soaking up a beach sunset

Going for a run with my husky named Tobi 

Spending quality time with my amazing wife, Emily

tobi, emily, & mountain sunsets - (a perfect combo)


learn a bit more about me!

While in Disney World, a pigeon flew and hit me in the head and pooped on my shirt. When I was leaving the restroom after washing off I found $300 cash on the ground. I think that's a fair trade.


My relatives hundreds of years ago owned a castle in Europe, but when it was to be passed down the state couldn't find an heir to claim it. Sigh...

There was a point in time when I could solve a Rubik's Cube in under 60 seconds.

now tell me about you!

These are photos that we will look back at and treasure for the rest of our life.

emma & matthew

He is not only gifted in his craft but he genuinely cares for what his clients ask of him. 

meghan & trey

The sincerity and professionalism he has made the experience with him perfect!

elizabeth & jordan

The Bucket List

places I'd love to shoot

the salt flats in Utah

shenandoah national park


yosemite national park

Olympic national park

If it’s your dream to have photos with your person in one of these locations, then I think we just became best friends!